‘How to’ guide

How to add your family stories to our website


Visit www.merseyside-at-war.org and click on SIGN UP in the top right hand corner. Here you can register for our site.


Once you have your own username and password you can log in and add your family story.

Getting started



All stories must be connected to a person, a place or an item of memorabilia.

Firstly do you want to add information about a person, a place or an item of memorabilia?

Click on the section you want to use.

You will be asked to see if the person, place or memorabilia is already on the site.

By clicking on the drop down arrow you can see if there is already a story about the person, place or memorabilia you want to write about.

If it is not there, click on “add someone to this site”.


Follow the instructions on the screen to fill in as much information as you can.

When you have done this you are now ready to write your story. This will have more details about the person, place or memorabilia.

Write your story

HINT: Please make sure you add your name to any stories you submit. You can do this in the ‘Excerpt’ part or at the beginning or end of your story.


When adding digital photographs please note that they may appear quite small, however when they are uploaded to the website they can be clicked on and will be shown much larger.


Here you can make the connections between your story and the person, place or memorabilia.



The preview button will show you what your story will look like.

You save your story as a draft and come back to it later where you can add or change it.


If you submit your story you cannot return to it later and change it.

When we have received your submission, we will review it before making it live.

For further information about the project or if you have any problems with adding any information please get in touch with us through our website – merseysideatwar@ljmu.ac.uk 


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