Letters from Liverpool

Letters from Liverpool 1915 – 1925.

This document covers WWI and the years immediately after, based on a number of letters written by two sisters. There are transcriptions, biographical notes and family photographs.

compiled by J. Ward Keesling and Carol Barker.

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Harvey K. Bisset: Perishes in preparation for battle

Harvey K. Bisset, one of four brothers from Liverpool, was in the United States when war broke out. He waited until August of 1918 to move to Canada to enlist. He caught the flu in training camp and it progressed into pneumonia, from which he perished merely ten days before the Armistice.

Leslie A. Bisset treated at St. Dunstan’s

Leslie A. Bisset was the eldest of six children of Fanny and James Bisset. He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force in late 1914 and was blinded in battle. He was treated at St. Dunstan’s (now called Blind Veterans UK).

Kenneth Bisset survives serious wound

Kenneth Bisset was the youngest of four sons of Fanny and James Bisset. Kenneth was shot through the cheek in late 1916. He survived and remained in the military, suffering no further wounds. He went on to become an inventor and entrepreneur.

Eric Bisset awarded Military Cross

Eric Bisset was the third of four sons of Fanny and James Bisset. He was seriously wounded at Ypres in late 1917. During his convalescence he was awarded the Military Cross.