Memories of August 1914 Resources

Memories of World War One is a teaching resource that provides links to local and national archives and cultural programmes, offering curriculum ideas and web platforms that enable schools to share research and activity throughout the four year commemoration.

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August 2014 marks the centenary of the start of the First World War – a turning point in world history.

In collaboration with 14-18 NOW, Liverpool will host one of the UK’s landmark commemorative events – a poignant and spectacular piece of street theatre which will once again see giant visitors embark on an emotional journey around the city.

Taking place 23-27 July 2014, the city will welcome back the creative tour de force that is Royal De Luxe who will undoubtedly deliver a jaw-dropping visual feast.

Memories of August 1914 is  co-commissioned by Liverpool City Council and 14-18 NOW.

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