World War One Medals Booklet from SSAFA

This World War One medals booklet has been created in honour of the Armed Forces and their families, who suffered, fought and died for their country.

It’s 100 years since World War One began. In the four long years between 1914-1918 there were many sacrifices as well as true heroism in the Armed Forces… heroism that led us to victory.

In commemoration of the Armed Forces and their families, SSAFA has created this booklet containing:

Interesting facts about the awarded medals

Real stories of valour and bravery from the front line

Memorial plaques that were sent to next of kin

Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Gallantry Award

During World War One, SSAFA was the only national Armed Forces charity. Today SSAFA provides support to over 50,000 current and former servicemen and women and their families. Get the free booklet today and find out about the people and the stories behind the medals.

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