Policewomen in Birkenhead

Policewomen in Birkenhead

Report from the Wallasey News about the new Women Police.

In response to shortages of policemen, due to conscription which would have been in operation for several months at this time, the Chief Constable of the Birkenhead Borough Police Force, Edward Parker took the decision to recruit women. By March 1917 a number of women were in uniform and on duty.

A large photograph was published in the Wallasey News, noting:

“Popular comment is that they look a smart and healthy body of women. …
It should be borne in mind that the success of the new departure rests very largely indeed with the public, whose attitude towards the new branch of the Borough Police Force should be one of sympathy, support and co-operation.”

The article goes on to state that the Chief Constable has received many enquiries from Police Forces around the country wanting help and advice on how to organise this new force.

The ladies were also to take part in a forthcoming annual inspection with their male counterparts by Sir Leonard Dunning, Chief Inspector of Constabulary.

Birkenhead was one of the first places to employ women as Tram Conductors.

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